After public authorities picked up Gazale Salame early one morning in her apartment in Hildesheim and forced her to flee to Turkey with one of her three children, she and her husband Ahmed Siala remained separated for a long period of time. The reason for this was the accusation that Salame’s parents obtained residency in Germany illegally in the 80s by providing false information pertaining to their origins. Mr. Siala refused to comply to this with his two other daughters and, while still living in Germany, fought for his wife to be able to return. It transpired that Gazale was pregnant at the time. She gave birth to her fourth child, a son, all alone in Izmir where she knew no one, and began building a makeshift life for herself there. Conflict with the public authorities lasted for eight years, after which the family was reunited in Hildesheim in the early part of 2013 thanks to a change of government in Lower Saxony.

A report on the situation of the family in 2007. The story was published in the German magazine Zeit-Magazin. Author: Wolfang Uchatius.